Eric was born in Newington Connecticut in 1984 and learned to blow glass first at Franklin pierce College in Rindge New Hampshire.  He was the glass teaching assistant there before moving to Colorado and establishing EZ Glassworks.  During this time he worked in glass studios in New England, New York, Seattle, Denver, and Portland including a short stint for the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning New York.  Eric has attended classes with Muranese glass masters such as Davide Salvadore and Elio Quarisa.  He has been an influential role in the creation of a non-profit organization for at risk youth out of Lakewood Colorado called the Inner Art Foundation.

Artist Statement:

My pleasure from glass art comes from the process of making a piece not just the finished product. Glass is a very humbling medium to work in. An artist can do everything right while blowing glass and still have the piece end up as thousands of shards on the floor. The process begins upon the first gather of glass. This always ignites my passion for the work and continues as I execute a highly refined but whimsical and imaginative piece. From a molten ball of glass to a high quality finished product. This is also what pushes me to experiment and redefine myself as a glassblower as often as I can.

This is what keeps me dreaming about making new wonderfully produced pieces of glass every day. Using historical glass techniques as a basis from the ancient venetians for my objects I am able to overcome technical limitations to create a piece that is truly one of a kind. I make sure to never limit my imagination and allow it to run free to transform what comes from my mind into a physical work of art.

Glass is a combination of technical proficiency and artistic creativity. For me, the idea of the form or the vessel is something that starts with a conscience sense of growth or being able to push what I feel to be my technical limitations. From there an element of design and function is extracted from the initial thought. All this takes place before I step foot into the studio. Working with a team of glass assistants we devise a plan to ensure that our timing is in sync to make a wonderfully crafted work of art.